‘Celeb Big Sibling’ Recap: [Spoiler] Wins Finale– Season 1 Winner

CBS crowned its very first Celebrity Big Bro winner on Sunday in a two-hour event that also reunited the final 5 houseguests with those they assisted to evict.RELATED The Remarkable Race Ending Wrap-up: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 30? Ross Mathews was the favorite to win entering into the finale– at least according to TVLine’s absolutely precise, totally main polling system– so nobody was shocked when he scored the very first triumph of the night, becoming the brand-new Head of Home. Like many things on Big Brother, Ross’ brand-new title featured a cost: He needed to assure not to force out Mark McGrath, who basically handed him the HOH title by dropping out of the competition early.His attempt at discretion was right away warded off by Omarosa– of course she can read lips!– but Ross got his revenge when he put her up for eviction against Ariadna, with whom he secretly formed a final-two alliance. In true Ross form, it was nearly difficult to keep an eye on exactly what he was assuring throughout the night.Omarosa’s fate

was sealed when Ross also won the veto competition and (surprise!) chose not to swap anybody out. Omarosa isn’t really one to get evicted silently, so she made an enthusiastic plea to her fellow houseguests, explaining that a win for Omarosa is a win for America. And for … God, I believe? Either way, I got chills when she dropped this little prophecy on Ariadna prior to saying her goodbyes: “Fate postponed is not fate denied,” including that Ari will get her crown at some point. (Someplace, Steve Harvey’s mustache is jerking nervously.)


The staying four houseguests took on in a heated video game of “Hash It Out,” which gave some of their fellow evictees a possibility to show their (dreadful) fake texting abilities, and provided audiences the unanticipated present of watching Marissa Jaret Winokur totally lose her mind on live tv:

Fortunately, Marissa’s panic paid off in the end, as her triumph offered her the power to send out two more players home. With tears in her eyes, she validated everyone’s suspicions by revealing that Ross would be joining her in the final two.SECOND AND THIRD

EVICTIONS: Mark and Ariadna HostJulie Chen then conjured the ghosts of Celeb Big Sibling Past– Shannon Elizabeth, Chuck Liddell, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brandi Glanville, Metta World Peace and James Maslow– to serve as jury members, accuseded of eventually deciding Ross and Marissa’s cumulative fate.Apologies were given(primarily to Shannon), tears were shed (primarily by Marissa)and Ross advised us,

for the millionth time, that he remained in the audience at the first-ever season of routine Huge Brother. A few of the evictees seemed genuinely moved by the finalists ‘speeches, with James revealing that he altered his initial vote after hearing exactly what they each had to say.That’s when Julie”made history,”announcing the first-ever winner of Star Big Bro: Marissa earned 6 votes from Ariadna, Omarosa, James, Shannon, Keshia

and Chuck, while Ross only handled to protect three from Mark, Brandi and Metta.FINAL EVICTION: Ross WINNER: MarissaAMERICA‘S FAVORITE HOUSEGUEST: Ross Did the Celeb Big Bro ending end the way you anticipated? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the winner below.If you like TVLine, you’ll LIKE our weekly newsletter. Click on this link to subscribe.



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