‘Celebrity Big Bro’ Spoilers: Omarosa’s HoH At Threat From ‘America’s Vote’ Veto Twist

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds expose that Omarosa Manigault is the new Head of Home after cutting an offer with James Maslow in the Friday night competition for him to drop and offer her the win. However who is the ex-White House staffer targeting? Omarosa spoke to Marissa Winokur about returning to the all-girls alliance now that they have forced out Shannon Elizabeth from the home, whom Manigault blames for splintering the ladies group.Omarosa wishes to get Ross and was thinking about putting Mark on the block with him as a pawn. But exactly what Omarosa doesn’t know is how a sensational Power of Veto twist could ruin her HoH and take all the power from her hands. Here’s a take a look at the twist and how your vote could alter the CBB US game.America’s Vote– Choose One Of Three Vetoes CBB US spoilers reveal that it won’t be a routine old Power of Veto awarded

after the PoV competition prior to Sunday night’s live expulsion. It will be one of 3 unique vetoes that America votes to choose. The choices are the Diamond Veto, VIP Veto, or Spotlight Veto. Notice the appealing celebrity-inspired names? These three vetoes have the power to significantly alter the video game and take away much of the HoH’s power today depending upon how America votes.The Diamond Veto gives the winner the power not only to eliminate a candidate from the slicing block, however likewise name a replacement nominee.The VIP Veto offers the winner

  • the power to utilize the Veto when, twice, or not at all. If the winner chooses to utilize the veto, they can also use it again on the replacement candidate if they so choose.The Spotlight Veto offers the winner the standard PoV with the caveat that they should utilize the Veto Power at the meeting.Which Veto Will Win America’s Vote?So far on Huge Sibling Network, a poll on which veto citizens prefer( as of this writing) has the VIP Veto in the lead at 48 percent, the Diamond Veto scoring at 34

    percent, and the SpotlightVeto in third with 18 percent. The people voting in this poll may not be reflective of those voting throughout the 4 CBS platforms offered for participation.You can vote up to 20 times per day, and the voting is open now and closes Monday, February 19, at 9 a.m. PST. You can vote at CBS.com by following this

    link, or you can vote on the Big Sibling Facebook page, on Kik, or via Skype.< img src =https://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CBB-US-Omarosa-and-Mark-1-670x492.jpg alt="CBB United States's Omarosa Manigault and Mark McGrath "width=670 height=492 > Cliff Lipson/ CBS Who Is Going On The Chopping Block?Although Omarosa at first thought about putting Increase next to Ross on the block when she reveals her elections, the current updates from the live feeds show that a new side offer will impact nominations. Omarosa talked a handle James and Mark and provided it to be the three of them plus Metta. James and Mark are interested, but Mark isn’t sure if Metta will remain strong

    and present in the game.Celebrity Big Bro

    spoilers likewise indicate that Mark cut a deal with Omarosa. He guaranteed that if she would not nominate him today, he ‘d keep her safe next week. Since this writing, Omarosa now plans to choose Ross, who’s her target, and Brandi as a pawn and renominate Marissa if Ross comes off the block with the PoV. The houseguests understand a Veto Twist is ahead, however not the details.Catch up on the CBB United States scoop on Julie Chen

    tossing shade at Omarosa and the worst of Brandi’s inebriated shenanigans in the Huge Sibling home.

    See CBS for the newest Huge Sibling: Celebrity Edition episodes and inspect back here often for the current Celebrity Big Bro spoilers and news.

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