Dil Juunglee film evaluation: Taapsee Pannu, Saqib Saleem conserve this cliched love story

Dil Juunglee
Aleya Sen
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Saquib Saleem, Nidhi Singh
Rating: 2/5

Rich girl wants love, not the high-ends in life. Poor young boy desires fame and cash. They fall in love, life jolts them back to truth and they fall apart. Years later on, they realise that all they want is each other. The number of times have we seen this exact same story? Dil Junglee is yet another repeat of this centuries-old tale. What makes it worse is the cliched treatment to the story. It is just the actors– Taapsee Pannu, Saqib Saleem, Nidhi Singh and other supporting cast– who keep the film from getting unbearable.Debutant Aleya Sen, who has actually

also written the film, begins her narrative in Delhi where the lead set– Koroli( Taapsee) and Sumit (Saqib) are about to elope and get married. However the method to their destination ain’t simple and things do not turn up rather the method they anticipated. Sumit is a model who is celebrated for being featured on the cover of Grihshobha (a Hindi female’s magazine’s) sans his face and aims to be a Bollywood hero quickly. Koroli or Koro as her friends call her, is born in a rich business family however has no disposition to the family company. Rather, she is interested in the English language and romantic novels.The filmmakers have actually tried every technique in the book to make Dil Junglee relatable to the young audience. While a brinjal sandwich is utilized to make enjoyable of the vegetable, Sumit’s casting agent talks of Karma Productions and DDLJ part 3, a clear dig at the many informal remakes of the 1995 hit film.Sadly, Sen has actually also consisted of every cliche and stereotype readily available in Hindi movie theater

— rich daddy dislikes his child because she is interested in literature and not ‘numbers’and MBA.” Itne bade industrialist ki beti ek mamooli English counsellor, exactly what a pity!.?.!!”the father tells Koro.Koro is a studious and’excellent’lady. She wears specificationsand her only dream is to be ‘happily wed ‘. As her buddy describes: “Pehli date me tujhe maa ke kanngan chahiye and dusri date me Gandhaari k Tarah 100 bachhe!.?.!! Have some enjoyable in life! “And naturally, due to the fact that this friend desires our heroine to ‘have a good time’rather of marrying and is also rich, she towers above’Lajpat wale ‘since what are rich individuals if not snobbish?Then Sumit has a girlfriend who utilizes his card to spend for her shopping but also reminds him” Mai bhi na abundant household se hoon. Mere papa ki

Dwarka me sweet shop hai!”Dil Junglee is an age-old story, told with a hundred stereotypes, none of which assists it. It is only Taapsee’s captivating presence and Saqib’s

earthiness that keep us entertained. Taapsee looks authentic in both the avatars that she wears in the movie. Saqib, too, supplies sufficient support with his reasonable representation of a middle-class Delhi boy. Practically all the stars– Saqib’s mommy, his buddy, Taapsee’s friend and his fiancée– make the film vibrant.




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