Former Jason Star Wishes To Play Michael Myers in a Halloween Film

One of the actors most synonymously related to the role of Jason in the Friday the 13th franchise wants to have a stab at playing Michael Myers in a Halloween motion picture. Kane Hodder has ended up being something of a slasher icon for many years, having starred in four of the later Friday the 13th motion pictures as the machete-wielding maniac called Jason Voorhees, as well as the Hatchet franchise. Now, he’s got his sights set on Michael Myers and, from his viewpoint, you can’t argue with his reasoning.Kane Hodder is currently promoting the release of the fourth Hatchet film Victor Crowley, which is now offered on home video. Throughout a recent interview, he exposed that he wants to play Michael Myers in a future Halloween motion picture so that he can be a minimum of loosely related to many of the big, iconic slashers in horror film history. Here’s what he had to state.

“It’s pretty cool to say I did one shot as Freddy, numerous scenes as Leatherface, 4 of the motion pictures as Jason. I simply require to do a film version somehow of Michael [Myers]”

To evaluate, Kane Hodder was Jason in a number of Friday the 13th motion pictures, including Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X. As for Leatherface, he played the character throughout the stunt scenes in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III which, interestingly enough, actually made it so he appeared in Freddy vs. Jason, as that film was playing in the background at one point with among Hodder’s scenes included. He likewise provided Freddy Krueger’s gloved hand in Jason Goes to Hell. Adding Michael Myers to the list would make for a pretty remarkable career.How sensible is this dream that Kane Hodder has to likewise play Michael Myers at some point? We cannot state it’s impossible, however it doesn’t look great. Presently, Blumhouse is recording their Halloween sequel that will get right where the initial ended and will overlook every follow up. Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers originally has actually returned for the follow up. While lots of details are being kept under covers, it seems increasingly more like this motion picture may work as some sort of conclusion to the franchise. That’s simply a guess. Even so, there are also some other functionalities to consider.At 63-years-old,

Kane Hodder isn’t really getting any younger. Granted,< a href= > Nick Castle is 70, but still. Slasher motion pictures can be requiring for an actor and age doesn’t make that any simpler. Not to point out that there’s no sign that there will be another Halloween movie after this and, exactly what’s even more, there’s definitely no sign that anyone connected with the franchise is intending on asking Hodder to be Michael Myers. Who knows? Maybe he could play the part in some smaller, main capability in some way. It would be quite cool to have actually one guy associated with all of these cherished slashers. This was first reported by We Got This Covered.



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