Fox Legal Analyst States Kids Who Deal Drugs Had To Be Carried out ‘At A Young Age’ (VIDEO).

Republish Reprint During a rally in Pennsylvania Friday night, Donald Trump repeated a tip he’s made on a number of celebrations: Those who deal drugs must be carried out, much as they are in China and Singapore:

“We catch a drug dealership, death sentence. That’s it.

“It’s a conversation we need to start thinking about. I don’t understand if this nation’s ready for it.”

So, on Fox & & Friends Monday early morning, the idiots who worship every word Trump speaks decided to discuss the idea of killing anyone who is caught selling drugs. Trial attorney and legal expert Randy Zelin said he was behind the president completely:”What about the next Randy Zelin who did this?. How do we stop it? And it seems to me that perhaps the ultimate charge, the supreme deterrence is the only answer to getting our

arms around exactly what is happening in this nation with drugs.”When host Heather Childers attempted to be more moderate and said it was her understanding that under Trump’s proposition, only dealerships who increase their drugs with deadly compounds would be eligible for the capital punishment, Zelin doubled down and proved he exactly what a soulless asshole he is, commenting:

“It’s the domino effect argument. And it becomes where is the dividing line. It’s everything about deterrence. It’s all about letting someone understand– perhaps even at a young age– that if you do this, it’s not getting you the Mercedes and the Rolex and the house and all of the enjoyable stuff. It’s going to get a needle in your arm.”

Eliminating individuals at a young age as a deterrent? Truly? Speaking of a slippery slope.Zelin dialed

up the hate and included:”It’s that message that requires to be sent, that perhaps may be the only way not to make it so cool to be a drug dealer. Go ask somebody in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, in Vietnam, where you’re instantly getting it.”

Nevertheless, both Zelin and Trump constantly overlook to say if they would extend their death penalty concept to include the CEOs of companies that make opioids which eliminate thousands of Americans each year. Because those very same companies are providing millions in project contributions to Republicans, it appears doubtful they ‘d be included in the plan.Note to our

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