Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ Social Network: Jason Miller of LinkedIn Speak To Marketing Smarts [Podcast]: Marketing Podcast

Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ Social Media: Jason Miller of LinkedIn Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

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Jason Miller leads international material and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, assisting online marketers comprehend the best ways to use LinkedIn to accomplish their marketing objectives and provide real ROI. Formerly, he was the senior manager of social networks technique at Marketo.He’s a regular contributor to Material Marketing Institute, Social Media Inspector, MarketingProfs, and Copyblogger, and he has provided at numerous industry conferences, consisting of Dreamforce, Social Media Marketing World, Social Fresh, Inbound, and more.Here are simply a few highlights from our discussion:

If you’re not on LinkedIn, what are you awaiting?(05:12): “As we move into 2015, it’s the year of the individual brand name. If you haven’t determined who you are, and put your finest foot forward and put your accomplishments and a truly nice description of who you are online, you’re just missing chances on your own to progress with your career, in addition to marketing opportunities.”

Do not be too modest(05:36): “I believe it’s OKAY to boast a little on LinkedIn, because, if you have achievements, put them up there. You can add a lot of visuals and abundant media to your profile. but you need to spend a long time with this … since individuals are constantly searching to link, and if your profile isn’t really optimized to be found, who’s to state that you won’t be avoided over when your time comes?”

Publish posts on LinkedIn(06:19): “Anybody can start a blog site … however it’s not linked to your profile on LinkedIn. When you publish on LinkedIn, you’re actually connecting your personal ideas, your expert thoughts. You can do thought leadership, you can publish basically whatever you desire on there– and it depends on you to keep it relevant, I think– but whatever thoughts you have there are linked to your profile, and it’s just developing this rich … online identity. Whatever in one place. Individuals do not want to click around to do research with different sites. They desire everything in one location, packaged up all good and neat. And I think this is the chance for that.”

Create “Big Rock” content pieces (23:11): “As a business, if you really wish to break through, you don’t require more content; you require more appropriatecontent. So, how do you break through all of the noise and get to the number-one thing as a material marketing that you should be doing? That’s addressing your customer’s and potential customers’ questions, but that’s not only addressing the questions– becoming the best answer to those questions. Buying huge content and repurposing it is the manner in which I see that, and the manner in which I have actually had success with it … If you wish to own a discussion in social or online, you write the book on it. It’s the idea of moving from believing like a publisher … to really publishing like a publisher. Publishers release books around certain subjects that they wish to now the conversation on, they desire to corner the market, if you will … The ‘Big Rock’ piece of content is where you get to the core of relevance … One ‘Big Rock’ piece of material– and this might be a significant e-book or a video– can fuel your social and your demand gen channels for at least a quarter, and in some cases up to a year. I’ve seen ‘Big Rocks’ drive millions of dollars in organisation … The first ‘Big Rock’ piece of material we produced at LinkedIn over a year ago has actually driven more than $4.6 million in organisation.”

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