Shannon Elizabeth Recalls Emotional ‘Celebrity Big Bro’ Eviction: ‘They All Turned On Me’ (Exclusive).

ET overtook the 44-year-old actress just minutes after her live removal from the CBS show on Friday, where she got candid about being the 3rd entrant booted off.

“I didn’t wish to be here,” Shannon described to ET’s Brice Sander, mentioning the fact that she was hoping she would still be in the home, playing the game. “They simply– they all switched on me. They all stabbed me in the back, and they saw me as a danger. Regrettably, a few of them really have no idea the game, and I believe I could have been a truly excellent ally. The deal I made to them was gold and they still didn’t take it, so … good luck to them!”

The former American Pie star stated that the fast-moving speed of the game “certainly impacted” how she decided to play.

“Typically in a genuine season, I would have tossed the first lot of competitions– I never would have come out swinging,” she said. “But due to the fact that it was going so fast … my boyfriend and I talked long about strategy and he’s like, ‘You require to go for it due to the fact that maybe it will give you an opportunity, in the beginning, to produce those alliances if you’re the first head of household, because it’s a brief season.’ I attempted! It simply didn’t … that [present bag] twist messed me up, too, for sure.”

Shannon, a long time fan of Big Bro, said that although she entered into the game with some insight, there were still some surprises “in regards to how tough it is from the within to determine what’s going on.”

“As far as the groups and the method and exactly what’s happening behind your back and how hard it is to alter a conversation when someone strolls in,” she discussed. “Like, we constantly spoke about, ‘OK, have another discussion all set so when someone goes into the space, you simply switch to it.’ That was really tough and I didn’t do really great with it and no one did great with it, so you get really paranoid every time you walk in any room. Or I would speak to someone as a buddy, simply, like, not even talking video game, and somebody would see it and think, ‘Oh, they’re talking game, they should be lined up.’ So, it’s like, ‘Ah! You cant talk to any person in here.’ How are you supposed to be pals with anybody? So, that was truly hard.”

Midway through our interview, we exposed to Shannon that she had one vote in her favor: Brandi Glanville.

“Oh really?” Shannon responded, relatively amazed by the vote. “OK, fascinating. Well, I think she was … I figured they’re simply lobbying for the jury vote at this moment. Somebody should have said something due to the fact that they weren’t considering it much, till now.”

Now that Shannon has been forced out from your home, we, obviously, needed to ask her who she believes might take it all, if she were to make her last vote right now. “Metta World Peace,” she exclaimed. “Metta’s a remarkable man. He was my pal in the home. He remained out of all the defamation and controversy and he’s simply a great guy, you know? He’s a great individual.”

Shannon will still get to position her vote at the end of the season however still hasn’t decided yet on what exactly she’ll be searching for as the staying entrants continue to play the game, while she sees in your home.

“A few of it will be gameplay, strategy, see if somebody’s truly calling the shots and making moves,” she revealed. “A few of it might be emotional. It actually depends who the final two are, you understand? I do not know. Due to the fact that I’ve seen individuals vote for different factors, and I wan na watch everything prior to I choose exactly what I’m gon na do.”

Star Big Bro airs on CBS.



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