Supper and a motion picture has a new meaning in western Montana –

MISSOULA – Envision event with buddies in front of a warm fireplace, drinking your favorite local craft brew, and sharing some gourmet chicken wings … then the motion picture begins.

That’s the brand-new home entertainment choice about to open in Missoula as AMC Theatres open the brand-new Southgate Shopping center 9 this coming week.If you’re a fan of architecture, you have actually been itching to see inside the new theater at Southgate Shopping mall since building and construction started over a year back.

To put it rather simply, it’s gorgeous and there’s nothing else like it in the region.

“When you look at the lobby, it does exactly what the goal was, to type of feel like it became part of the town way back in the early days. You take a look at the lobby, it’s extremely beautiful,” AMC Theatres Director of Operations Jay Lamelas said. “You can look at the mountains. You have actually got the fireplace behind me. I think kind of includes the Missoula stunning landscapes into the lobby location.”

However in today’s competitive home entertainment marketing, you cannot simply bring any theater online.The Southgate Shopping mall 9 is one of the AMC Dine-In Theatres. The very first one in the inland Northwest.

“As a business, as AMC, we’re really delighted that we’re bringing this new concept to Missoula, specifically the Dine-In idea, where someone might can be found in, see a movie, get a supper. It’s the entire bundle that they’re going to get by coming here,” Lamelas said.Whether you have chicken, a signature burger, or a more healthy alternative, supper and a motion picture has an entire new significance now in Missoula.The delicious food comes from a total full-service restaurant kitchen area where a trained food service personnel are whipping up the sweet and mouthwatering things you’ve never ever had in a motion picture theater.When you settle back in the recliners

in the auditoriums, you can strike the call button, and a server comes right to you, personalizing your order on the tablet which is sent directly to the kitchen.Need a refill on your Coke? They’ve got the full selection of drinks … and yes, popcorn too.”When the guest comes in, one, they can reserve their tickets online. So they can already pick their seats before they even come to the theater. Then once they come in, they’re going to have a full bar where they can get beer and wine. We’re going to have a lot of local craft beers,”Lamelas said. “And then once they continue into the auditorium, they’re going to have a server for the whole part of the motion picture.”The motion pictures are going to look fantastic with laser projection and the

latest noise, whether you settle into the tiniest 60 seat theater or the 250 seat auditorium with its “wall-to-wall”screen.”Back when I started in the company, it was the 35-millimeter projectors and the old IMAX 70-millimeter, to now it’s all digital and advanced,”Lamelas stated.”The noise is much clearer. And now you can even have supper and see a motion picture at the very same time so it’s very interesting for our industry.” The new Southgate Shopping center 9 officially opens with a full slate of movies on Monday.



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